What Have You Done To My Site?


I hope all is well.

For the last few years one of our websites https://essentialreading.freecluster.eu/?i=1
has worked perfectly, no problems…

EDIT: Also this site http://reprieveoutput.freecluster.eu/ is affected, a white screen on front and back end… Every site we have on the freecluster.eu domain seems to be affected… Both sites were working perfectly on Friday…

I have gone to share an article from it today, and I have been greeted by these messages: I have not made any changes to any files or settings over the weekend, this is somthing that you guys and you guys alone have done…

These are the messages:

Deprecated: Return type of Joomla\CMS\Date\Date::format($format, $local = false, $translate = true) should either be compatible with DateTime::format(string $format): string, or the #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppress the notice in /home/vol13_8/epizy.com/epiz_20908957/htdocs/libraries/src/Date/Date.php on line 281

Deprecated: Return type of Joomla\CMS\Date\Date::setTimezone($tz) should either be compatible with DateTime::setTimezone(DateTimeZone $timezone): DateTime, or the #[\ReturnTypeWillChange] attribute should be used to temporarily suppress the notice in /home/vol13_8/epizy.com/epiz_20908957/htdocs/libraries/src/Date/Date.php on line 398

They were not there on Friday and now they are, what have you guys done to my account in the past three days to make it not work, and why would you do it?

I cannot even get into the admin of the site… When I do it says

Content Encoding Error

An error occurred during a connection to essentialreading.freecluster.eu.

Please contact the web site owners to inform them of this problem.

I am the owner, how am I meant to contact myself lol… I get that my plan is free the same as 99% of your customers here, but the least I should be able to expect is to leave a working site on Friday and the site to still be working when I return to it after the weekend, no?? What chance have people got here if they cannot even do that.

Please can Admin let me know what you have done, and restore my site to how it was, which was a perfectly working site.



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I believe your site was affected by the recent upgrade to PHP 8.2:

Deprecation warnings can usually be ignored, but if they’re preventing your site from loading, you may need to upgrade your Joomla version to one that supports the latest PHP version.


It is not a Joomla problem, like I said the site worked fine on friday, it is something that you guys have done your end which has broken two of our sites, it is nothing to do with Joomla…

This site still on the Epizy dmain works fine and is on Joomla 3.9.14, I can see that as the backend works fine…


Maybe that one hasn’t been updated yet and you guys intend to break that in future, who knows, I would have been happy for you to have done nothing to my site and just left it as it was, rather than break them, why did you not just leave things alone?? It is all very frustrating… Like I said I know the plan is free, but people do have the right to expect a site that was working before the weekend to work after it, without hosts interfering with it no?? That is the least they should expect in my view no??



On closer inspection the http://reprieveoutput.freecluster.eu/ you seem to have totally butchered…

I cannot even set up a redirect to one of our sites hosted with you guys that you haven’t broken this weekend (yet haha) and the Control Panel is telling me the root directory does not exist, it won’t even let me set up a redirect??

Like I said, I accept our plan is free, but the least people should expect is for you to not break their sites, no?? Why are they wrong to expect a site working before the weekend to work after the weekend?? We have had no problems with these sites for years, why do you insist and changing things that are not needed, updates are meant to make our sites better not worse, again I accept it is a free site but i do not expect updates to break our sites? Why should I not expect that??



Do you realize that updating things can go wrong?


Have you tried enabling display errors for it (as well as any debug settings that may be needed in the script you’re using):


I would expect them to have been tested to make sure thay work before being put on servers to be honest?? Like Joomla always says, take backups, there seems to have been very little testing done to make sure that these updates actually worked before they put them on…

I do hope that it isn’t another scam to get people to pay for hosting, I would like to revert back to the previous PHP I never even asked for this one, and what is worse it has broken our sites…

Cue people rushing to tell me PHP sdelection is not available for 99% of your customers on free hosting, just the 1% that are paying you to break sites…


I do not want any errors… There were no errors on friday when it worked, there should be no errors now… The site should be working perfectly as it was on Friday when I left it?? Please concentrate more on repairing the damage you guys have done rather than call me for not displaying errors I never have… If you guys never broke the site there wouldn’t be a problem…



Older PHP versions contain bugs and security problems, 7.4 is EOL and no longer gets maintained hence it is a good reason to shut them down, if your application works only on older versions then this is your problem.

There is no way you are bring serious.


It worked fine on Friday and now it doesn’t… I would have been delighted for these upgrades to have not happen and our sites to working perfectly than what we have now, which is an update that has broken our sites… There was no need for this update at all in my view… Especiually as 99% of your customers on free plans cannot choose which one they want… It is becoming clear to me what this is about now, the same as everything here… Sneaky little breaks to try and persuade people to pay you not to break their sites… It is a horrible way of creating leads, and one that I think people should not be allowed to use…

Hopefully you will repair our sites soon… There is certainly no way you are holding our sites to ransom like this for us to pay you, that is for sure…



View of who? Someone who has least experience with programming? I will quote what I said earlier and opt out of this conversation:


it clearly say my view, the view of the customer your update has broken… The update has broken our sites, and I would rather it not have happened rather than be subjected to an update which has broken our sites… If the update had not happened our sites would work?? What is so hard for people to understand about that??

No they don’t, our sites worked perfectly on them, and now after the update they don’t… The only damage you guys have done to our sites is through the updates, the old PHP was perfect for all of them… It has taken you what over two years to update, and when you do, you break our sites?? Like I said, I know our plan is free like 99% of the people here, but the least we expect is for an update that people have been waitng so long for to have actually been tested properly by people who know what they are doing before it goes on servers and breaks sites…Is that too much to ask for free?? I don’t think it is… You guys have had years to get this right and you have failed…



Admin is free to ignore the re - direct issue I posted about…

It was a control panel error, when I ignored the control panel and used the redirect tab on the home page, I managed to set up a redirect from the sites you have broken to a site that so far you have managed to not break…

Hopefully you will fix theother two sites you have broken soon, and please try not to break any more of our sites please, we are a small tem here with no time to spend on fixing and updating working websites when there is no need to… We just expect our hosts to leave things as they are when things are working fine, I know the plan is a free one, but I honestly do not think it is an unreasonable explanation really, to leave working sites alone…



No one does.

Activating “Display Errors” as well as any debug setting allows the site to show exactly where the problem is, which can be used for troubleshooting, which is why I suggested you activate it.
There is no magic “repair everything” button, you’ll need to see what the issues are, and see if you can resolve them or post them here so we can advise you on what to do.


The errors were caused by you guys, so please don’t tell me nobody wants errors when you guys have caused them…If people didn’t want errors the status quo was not providing any…

The site is not broken… It was fine before the weekend the site worked perfectly as it should, I am unable to access the back end of it… The problem has been caused by the updates… I am just getting a white screen the other site is displaying the errors I posted, I would say the errors will be the same on that site… However I do get a white screen when I access the backend as opposed to the error message I posted that is the only difference…

To force this so called enhancement that actually breaks sites and give people no option to revert back to their working state, well why anybody would even think that was a good idea… I should be able to switch my site back to what it was before you guys broke it at least in my view… Yes I accept the plan is free, but how am I wrong to expect that, the option to stop you guys breaking our sites…


Well, this is no longer supported by Joomla.

If you had kept up with the upgrades, you would most likely need to do this

go to htdocs/libraries/src/Filesystem/Folder.php
and delete the set_time_limit functions (the whole line that function is being used)

then go to htdocs/administrator/components/com_scheduler/src/Scheduler/Scheduler.php
search for “// Let’s try to avoid time-outs” and delete the whole “if” function.

Instead of taking responsibilty, you always take the easy way out, that is blaming others.
Since you chose to make your bed this way, a broken website is the likely outcome.

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