What have I done wrong?

My website - brightsideweather.great-site.net appears to be suspended…
I cannot see a reason on the cpanel - I don’t think that it’s through overuse.

I have a domain name from another domain supplier.
Previously I changed the DNS settings on their settings as directed on InfinityFree Help Centre.

On the InfinityFree cpanel, I was looking at InfinityFree AddOn Domain & Parked Domain settings. I set up an AddOn - I think that was the wrong thing to do - as it created a folder in the root of my webspace with the web address of my own domain name. I realize that I just needed to set up a Parked Domain setting…

But then my website disappeared - only getting an HTTP error 500. I tried moving my website files to the new folder - that didn’t work, so I’ve put them back in the original htdocs folder. I understand from reading existing posts that the folder for the AddOn Domain cannot be deleted…

Now my InfinityFree address resolves to suspendeddomain.
Anybody or Admin got some suggestions for me?
Do I need to start again with a new account?


Try the client area instead. I provides a bit more information unusually

Again: check the client area. It tells you what you can do next.

Probably not. It would be good to know at least why your account was suspended so you can prevent it from happening again.


@Admin There’s nothing that I can see in the Client Area that tells me what’s wrong.
It says that my site is Active.
My account (epiz_27504358) doesn’t appear to have any issues.

Please take a look to see what my website now produces as a webpage…

Ah, I see the confusion now.

I assume that by “appears to be suspended” you mean that the website redirects to suspendeddomain.org? Because there are a few other reasons that might happen, all described here:

In your case, the issue is that the subdomain was removed from the hosting account. You can add it again through the Subdomains menu so you can restore the website.


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