What Happens When You Hit The Daily Hit Limit?

So I was wondering what happens when you go over the daily hit limit because I used cPanel X before on a different host and in under 24 hours I got 41k views but then my domain got suspended not from the host but the domain itself idk why, but why is there unlimited bandwidth but a daily hit limit? That makes 0 sense at all. I’d appreciate it if you removed that limit cause it annoys me so much, other then that limit your hosting is perfect.

First of all, please note that we do not use cPanel X. We use a panel called VistaPanel. And while it was definitely inspired by cPanel, a lot of things don’t work exactly the same.

The daily hits limit is a good example of that. If you hit the daily limit, your account will be taken down for 24 hours, after it will be restored automatically.

Unfortunately, we cannot increase or remove this limit. Bandwidth on it’s own is pretty cheap, however handling a website with thousands of visitors per day takes a decent amount of processing power and memory. And those things are relatively expensive, so we need to limit it’s usage. After all, it’s free hosting, and providing accounts with tons of resources would not be sustainable for us.

So if your website is small enough to stay within these limits, you should be fine. If not, you’ll have to upgrade, I’m afraid.