What happened?

ALL my sites have this warning.

Well, you need to whitelist it from your antivirus or whatever security tools.
Are you facing suspension now?


Thankyou Goodbye

maybe contact avast too and let them know that infinityfree’s suspended domain url is clean

I had to talk with malwarebytes about such things as there were blocking 80% of infinityfree’s subdomain urls also (now fixed)


TL;DR: Some bad guys used the same subdomain and antivirus flags the it. Use a custom domain to avoid this.

The reason of this is occurring is because InfinityFree provides the subdomain without any kind of manual validation.
It makes the opportunity for bad guys to host bad or scam websites.
Most antivirus just block the tld (in this case, epizy dot com). Therefore, all domains located under InfinityFree subdomains may be flagged.

Use a Custom Domain


Thanx for the info Guyz
I suppose sooner or later everyone get there website suspended
with no reason given…

Would a Key-Name like: “PLAYBOY”…suspend all websites
regardless of the fact that its part of the launch of a New Music-CD ?

Given that there’s a rule against adult content, it’s possible that if you had a CD named “Playboy” it might have been wrongly flagged by the automatic system. In such a case, you should be able to contact support about that.


They CLOSED the support ticket replys,
after i asked them the reason for there suspension.

so now all my website subdomains, which were about to be purchased, are now obsolete ?
What a Waste .

Actually, in this particular case, it seems that Avast flagged suspended-website.com as phishing. Using a custom domain will not help with that, as it’s not actually the free subdomains that are blocked.

It’s easy to see how something like this could happen. A bad actor creates a phishing site on our hosting, Avast learns about it and puts it on their blocklist, and then we find out about it and suspend the account. The phishing site then redirects to suspended-website.com, Avast sees the redirection, assumes that the phishing page has moved to this new URL and bans it by proxy.

The reality of course is that the phishing site wasn’t moved, it was removed by us. And Avast made a bad assumption about what that means.

Meanwhile, I checked your suspension and I see it’s clearly a false positive. I don’t know why staff didn’t reactivate your account because it’s very clear that your site was suspended due to a mixup on our end. It’s being reactivated now.


Thankyou Mr-Admin
its not easy being in charge, but you have influence
to change things…thanx again x

The current links can now remain,without disruption.

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