What happend to my site?

Hello, I am using WordPress and I installed two plugins and one of these plugins deleted all my content on my website. I rage quited it and I created a new website http://jojoyou.ga/ but it is writing to me error 404. Please help

Your site loads fine for me:

Try to clean your cache

Hope that I helped!


Oh ok thank you, plese where can I clean my cache and can I only of my website?

It depends from your browser.
This article may helps you: How to Clear Cache for All Major Browsers

Please let me know if this fixed your problem :wink:


For chrome browser, CTRL+H > Clear Browsing Data > Clear Data


Ok thank you :heart:

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I did it but my website looks same on my computer

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You may have to wait a few hours. I’m not sure what’s your problem.

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Ok thank you

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