What Free Domains are currently working

Website URL


Error Message

Still getting Redirect

Other Information

Wondering what free domains currently work or can i access via backend IE Server IP with ~ACCOUNT NAME?

I see this


Please remove subdomain from hosting account then add it in again


I would need to remove whole account for that as the one above is my current Main

Just delete subdomain will do

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Dont have the option to just delete that one. as thats what i used as the home directory one

this is all i seem to get with Every domain i try

Please show screenshot of VPanel

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Please show what was displayed when you click the 2 buttons

Removed all and trying on another account. Just added it to a new one) so will update soon

Please click delete here:

Then add the domain here:

Afterwards, move your files from /htdocs to //htdocs

Don’t delete the account.


Same outcome

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