What file extensions can I host from my website

What file extensions can I upload / host from my website.

I know html/txt works, but what others ?
Can I change this ?
I wish to host a series of .pac file (proxy scripts) for testing purposes.

Thanks in advance.

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Except Exe file type, other file types are allowed If they be used as Parts of webpages.
Which means if they have usage other than Website (like making them available to download or store data of Engines) Then it’s not allowed.


Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.
I’ve tested and can host text files (.txt), which can then be pulled down and rendered via the browser
however the filetype .pac obviously doesn’t,

Can you either suggest an alternative with infinityfree or possibly point to another free hosting provider without this limitation ?

Why do you need a .pac file?

I am doing some testing and need to host a pac file

Link to problems with .pac file

Thanks. Had seen this.
My issue is I am performing a proxy migration and need to host an alternate PAC file externally for people to access when Off-LAN network.
This is only for a short time while our new proxy is migrated.
Can’t be done any other way (after consultant discussion).

If I can host a PAC file on the internet, I can point specific machines to it for test new proxy internally/externally without messing up existing configuration.

How should this PAC config actually be retrieved? Is it something accessed through a web browser or a URL which is set somewhere in the network configuration?

(until this topic, I’ve never head of Proxy auto-config)

Please note that we only provide website hosting for free, and have systems in place that make it so that you can only host websites on here. The details of that system can be found here:



The proxy autoconfig is a mime application type hosted in a web server that allows an operating system to pull down a javascript file (the PAC) to configure a browser:

The mimetype is application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig

Not to worry. I have a possible alternate solution.

That does sound like it’s not using a browser to access the file, which means you’re going to run into the browser validation system.

Since it’s just a single, static file which needs to be served, I would personally opt for something like GitHub (either GitHub Pages or just a raw link) or object storage like Amazon S3 to host the file. For a single file which isn’t accessed so frequently, both options are free or nearly free.


Thank you.
I’ll look into these options.

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