What exactly is your limit

I will start by saying. This host is kinda dishonest , i know there is nothing like unlimited hosting but can you guys please just post the limits to your free accounts like other hosts so when people sign up they know what they are getting into , instead of preaching unlimited and fast hosting (PS. Its kinda slow).

my account got suspended last might , saying i exceeded the resource limit .

Mind you my blog is still in testing phase so i dont know how i exceeded the limi but that aside i exceeed the limit, what am i asking for now is that is it possible for you guys to actually disclosed how or what caused the site to exceed limit or even disclose the limit so one can know what to work on.

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Your account was suspended because you exceeded the CPU limits. That can happen either because too many PHP scripts are executed on your account and/or the scripts in question uses a lot of server power.

If your website is still in testing, it’s likely that you exceeded the limit by installing themes and plugins, or by importing backups. Big website changes like that take a relatively large chunk of server power to do.

Almost all hosting providers restrict CPU usage, and very few mention the limits on their website. Why is the CPU limit not clearly explained? The first reason is that how the CPU limits are calculated is quite complicated. There is no way to express the CPU limits as a number you can compare between hosting providers or judge whether it’s enough for your website. So knowing the exact limits doesn’t tell you anything.

Additionally, at least in our case, we don’t display the limits because we don’t want users to know the exact limits. We want people to stay within the resource limits, we don’t want people to try to skirt the limits to use as much CPU power as they can without getting suspended.

If you believe we are dishonest by doing so, please understand that by your logic probably over 90% of all web hosting providers are dishonest.