What does "Most Server Power" in Ultimate Premium mean?

I’ve been using the Free plan for few years now and I’m pretty satisfied so I’m thinking of going for the highest premium option. The only problem I have is that I couldn’t find information on what “Most Server Power” entails.

Is it more Inodes (30k at the moment using the free version)? Faster CPUs, which if so, how much faster? Something else?

If you’re not allowed to say, can you at least give me some sort of comparison like Toyota Prius (Free) vs Toyota GT86 (Super Premium) vs Toyota MK4 Supra (Ultimate Premium)? - A bit silly, I know, but just to get an idea so I know what I’m purchasing.


I’ve been looking around for some extra info and ran into this (info about the premium accounts). From what I understand, if I were to purchase a premium service, it won’t actually be with InfinityFree, but iFastNet and I’ll need a different account.

The thing is, I really like the interface here (e.g. Account page, SSL certificates page, Profile page, etc.) - is it similar on iFastNet?

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Likely yes to all of the above



Hmm, you’re right, it would be better to have an article somewhere that goes into this in more detail. Because it’s complicated and the difference can’t really be explained in a feature table.

The first thing to understand is that premium hosting is regular cPanel hosting, which looks and feels similar to the premium hosting you’ll get with many other hosting providers that use the cPanel+WHMCS stack.

Free hosting on the other hand was built and designed completely from scratch, and basically has nothing in common with premium hosting (except for the CloudLinux operating system it runs on). The free hosting platform is designed to offer free hosting reliably and sustainably, which results in things generally working very differently from premium hosting.

Because of this, it’s impossible to express in numbers the difference, simply because the way the server limits are calculated and imposed are completely different. Free hosting for example has daily limits on hits and CPU usage (and you’ll be suspended for a day if you hit them) which premium hosting doesn’t have at all. Premium hosting relies a lot more on concurrent limits and throttling, which can affect websites in a different way.

So the only thing I can say for certain regarding free vs. premium hosting is this:

  • Premium servers have a lot fewer accounts per server than free servers.
  • Limits on premium hosting are higher than on free hosting, and enforced in a much more forgiving way.
  • Premium hosting is generally tuned more for performance than account density, which may result in an overall faster website.

Comparing Super Premium to Ultimate Premium is a lot easier of course because feature wise they are pretty much the same. You can view the difference between the plans on iFastNet’s website in the “Server Limits” table: Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server

No, not really. The control panel and client area were built from scratch for free hosting, whereas premium hosting uses WHMCS and cPanel, which are off-the-shelf software.

It’s theoretically possible to rework the free hosting architecture into something that supports premium hosting too (Hostinger did that, after all), but as far as I know there are no plans to do something like that.


Thank you for explaining, it helped me understand things better - and I’m also grateful for the link you provided, I don’t know how I missed the big green button that says “Compare Hosting Plans” (and then, I, as a dev, am the one complaining when users can’t see obvious buttons in the middle of the screen xD).


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