What does infinityFree use?

What forum does infinityFree use?

I’m trying to put a forum on my site and was wondering what does infinity free use for their forum? I also saw Wordpress use it with theirs too. Does anyone know what they use?


InfinityFree’s forum uses Discourse, a free and open-source forum software, written in Ruby on Rails and also packaged as a Docker container, an official way supported by their community to install Discourse on a server; so it can’t be installed on free hosting, and I doubt that on premium hosting too unless you do mortal jumps to get it working and if you struggle then you won’t even get support. If you have a server (which would be a VPS or a dedicated server), you can install it by using this guide. Some good-looking alternatives to Discourse which can be installed on shared hosting are Flarum (even though Flarum needs to be installed through Composer first on a project, so you need a computer; then after you deployed the project and did some fixes you can upload it to the server and, as long as it supports MyISAM, also install it on free hosting, which I doubt it would be possible because Flarum now uses InnoDB for most of their tables) and Vanilla Forums.


Which would you recommend for free hosting?

Vanilla Forums is installable through Softaculous too, so you won’t have to follow the installation instructions on their website to install it. Flarum is still in beta instead, but now they lacked support for MyISAM in favour of InnoDB for some tables (even though MyISAM support was still available some versions ago); that’s why Flarum can’t be installed on free hosting. So Vanilla Forums is one of the good-looking free forum softwares which you can install on free hosting.


Thanks! Will help me make a forum on the site!


The most similar that I found to Discourse was Coduforum, written in PHP.
Unfortunately it can’t be hosted in InfinityFree because it uses MySQL’s InnoDB engine.


It can be hosted, I have hosted it many times.
(I just copied the files and went to the URL and it worked perfectly)

It’s pretty good! Similar to Discourse.

And here was me thinking it designed it! (The Wikipedia uses MediaWiki! And have of the websites, are using Wordpress,) No, wonder my learning every HTML skills are now in vain! Well, that’s why the world is so smart. I think I should start making games now.

Vanilla forums in softaculous is a older version and not modernized. I researched and found that phpBB has all features free! It does look outdated though. Is there any Free alternative to these phpBB themes?


Well make your own?

In all of places and works, you have to pay either money or time to get a thing. Nothing is free :slight_smile:


There must be a ‘modern’ theme that is free in the vast internet?

People are not that generous to build everything for free, or if it is free they either put limitations on it or it does not look modern.

You must ‘suspect’ someone who provides both free and advanced.

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Interesting, might check it out later.

I guess id keep you guys updated… I decided to use flarum from freeflarum.com after some searching. When I try to change my custom domain to forum.casmat.ga, it says that: opps theres something wrong. I had entered all CNAME records correctly:
It tells me ‘oops something went wrong’. What’s happening? I added cname records in cloudfare like this:


Name: forum

Target: casmatforum.freeflarum.com

TTL: Auto

Proxy: DNS only

When I try entering my actual domain casmat.ga, it says no CNAME records found so its not the domain problem… What is it? I can’t email the team because their email is long gone.

From my guide to Cloudflare:

The Screenshots on Softaculous are outdated, but the installation is VERY modern

Ok i tried that and an error said that a host with the same subdomain is being used(the CNAME record) so I deleted that and made the a record. Now what should I do next. I can’t add a CNAME record for the same subdomain…

Hm I see… just asking… is there any way to remove the powered by branding AND is there anyway to change the theme of the forum (any places to get themes for free)?

As said above, VERY FEW THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE (Thankfully, InfinityFree is one of them). People want money for their work!