What difference between FREE and Premium

If the premium more stable, another servers? Or anything else

Hello there,

The premium servers are much more faster than the free one especially since the premium servers are using super fast SSD storage.

Here are additional premium features and benefits I can give to you:

  1. Super Fast SSD storage
  2. Free Domains included like .xyz (varies on plans, some plans like Ultimate Premium gives free .com while the Starter plan doesn’t)
  3. Official cPanel Control Panel
  4. Email services like SMTP and IMAP are included
  5. Remote MySQL
  6. Doesn’t have the aes.js security system that is present here on free hosting
  7. Free SSL with automatic renewals
  8. Free Site Builder
  9. Free Cloudflare Railgun (Which would cost you $200 but you get it for free)
  10. Much more stable FTP
  11. Upload limit is increased
  12. 24/7/365 Support

And many more!

Also take note that the free servers here does not represent the premium servers meaning InfinityFree is not a trial of the premium plans.

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Can you email or chat?

Do you have mail a chat?

What do you mean exactly?

How can I contact you in private not on forum

Why private contacting?

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You mean Private Messaging me in this forum?

Depends on who you mean by “you”.

InfinityFree doesn’t have a private support channel (except for the ticket system used for some account suspensions).

iFastNet’s premium hosting does have a private support channel. They have a ticket system where their paying customers can get help with their services.

This forum also has a direct messaging feature. Although you can only private message people once you reach Trust Level 1 in the forum, which you’ll quickly get after you’ve been here for a few days. This is done to prevent abusers from spamming people’s inbox from dummy accounts.

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