What cPanel is being used

Hi, I wanted to ask which open source cpanel are you using, as I wanted to self host and can’t find the same vistapanel that you are using. If you could provide a link, that would be great, thanks

Hello there,

VistaPanel is a custom built Control Panel and is exclusive only for the free clients and it’s not open source AFAIK.

There are plenty of open source control panels out there, you can check this article out:

Self-hosting a control panel on a shared web hosting is not a good idea and may not even be possible.


You need VPS


VistaPanel is an custom built control panel that’s part of our hosting platform. It’s not available for use by third parties. You can’t install it yourself, free or paid.

The design is inspired by cPanel, which is available commercially at https://cpanel.net. But that’s neither free nor open source.


The actual cPanel CSS is open source and available for people to download.

I can provide you with the CSS used for the “basic” theme of cPanel which is what the VistaPanel is inspired by:

default.basic.tar.gz (742.0 KB)

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