What causes site to not load?

What causes my site to not load at all? All I see is some epizy page with links.

At random times of day, my site won’t load at all, displaying some advert page belonging to the host itself. I noticed that my account was not suspended and the host is n’t down. The control panel is accessible as usual. What I did notice is that if I use a proxy to access my own site I can see it just fine. Is this some sort of routing problem from my location to the host, cache or something else?

Is your account new. Because if it is there is something called ‘DNS propagation’ and might take up to 72hours for the site to work properly.

I hope that I helped

I registered my account many months ago.

I am having the same issue!

Which site are you talking about exactly?


With proxy it loads. Without proxy it fails.

Your website is loading fine for me too. So it seems that only on your connection without proxy it doesn’t load.

There are many reasons this could happen. If you could provide more information on what you see (especially any error messages or status codes) that would help a lot. But you should also ask your network administrator or internet provider about this, because the issue seems to be restricted to their network only.

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It is working now.

Maybe my ISP has some cache server that was interfering with some domain names.

EDIT: Again, won’t load unless I use proxy.

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