What are the usage limits?

Hi, I’ve just started using Infinity Free and already I’m suspended! Fair enough I overused the limits but I can’t find a page or list of what actually would trigger this. I’m currently building a website so obviously starting out I would be resource heavy and had I known that I was getting close to the limits I would have gone to bed earlier!

Could anyone point me to an area where these limits are laid out so that I will be better informed in the future?

Many thanks in advance.

What does the CPU limit mean?
What is an Entry Process and what does the limit mean?
What does the hits limit mean?
What does the INODE limit mean?
What does it mean to overload MySQL?
What does the RAM limit mean?

Enough information in knowledge base and client area, you just need to search for it.

Thanks for that. I did actually look before posting but obviously in the wrong areas. I do appreciate your help though and at least I will know in future as to what I can do.

If your account is suspended for hitting a daily limit, you can look in the knowledge base for an article about it. And for your convenience, you can get to the article right away by clicking the Learn More About This Limit button in the client area.

Well, it can be anything.

But the concept is quite similar to your desktop system: you have 2GB of RAM and you simultaneously open 3 instances of Unity for game development. What would happen to your device?

Iteratively calling bunch of methods could be one of many reasons of why you hit the limit, or heavy script such as 3D rendering, or else, you name it.