What are the right Nameservers?

when im trying to create account using my purchased domain, i pointed byte.org to domain servers. but still im unable to create account. its showing epizy.com is not pointed. what to do, and my domain registrar provides only 4 nameservers, i have added all 4 bye servers, what to do with this error? kindly help me at the earliest.

FYI these are *.byet.org nameservers not *.byte.org!

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I moved your posts to a separate topic. Please don’t hijack the threads of other people to ask your own, marginally related question.

If you actually do a DNS lookup for your domain, you’ll see that there are currently no nameservers present on it:

And when I do a WHOIS lookup for that domain, it also tells me the domain does not exist.

If the domain “arfarena.tech” is the one you purchased (just to be sure I didn’t make a mistake manually typing the domain from your screenshot - please post the domain name itself next time instead), please contact your domain provider, because the registration clearly has not been completed yet.

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