what are infinityfree's stances on using imageboards?

I got banned a while back on a different hosting service for setting up a gaming imageboard, so i’m wondering if you guys are ok with me hosting an imageboard at all.

One of the reasons it got banned was because it looked like 4chan, which alot of people would falsly assume would contain inappropriate content but my imageboard doesn’t, my rules are actually fairly strict and any sign of content that isn’t gaming related would be immediatly removed.

I’m a little worried, because when i was banned, all of the users posts and content got losted permanently.

Image boards are traditionally poorly moderated, meaning they are often filled with spam, copyright infringement and pornography. No matter how strict your rules are, if they are not enforced properly, they are meaningless.

Additionally, hosting a huge amount of images on free hosting takes an unfair amount of disk space and bandwidth for free hosting.

We’ve had bad experience with image boards. And since we cannot reasonably review every image on every website hosted by us, we have chosen to ban image board sites entirely.

However, that should not result in the posts being lost permanently. Even though the account may not be reactivated, it’s almost always possible to download backups of your account, if you ask for them in the review ticket.

Yea, i can understand.

For what they are, it isn’t worth keeping these image board services running if all they do is bog down the service for everyone else while equally being a huge liability for the hosting service itself.