We're setting up your account

We’re setting up your account…
i am stuck in this for couple of hours now.

Very odd, it is indeed still processing on the hosting platform. I’m going to look into why this happens.

EDIT I’ve been told it’s caused by congestion on the hosting platform. Please be patient, your account will be processed as soon as possible.






Error Message

Website “Pending Creation”

Other Information

Domain doesn’t load, FTP works, MySQL databases work, and are online. Manually installed a WP 5.5.1.
Softaculous app installer doesn’t work too. Error: “No email back”. I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean.

Admin said
“The hosting platform is a bit congested, and both your accounts were stuck in processing. Please be patient, your accounts will be processed ASAP so you can manage them again.”


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its take to much time , last 2 hour i tried but its tooo long now

Same problem with me

Chillax, ifast could be having some issue.
Patience…it will resolve

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Hello! I have an issue with account creations. 1 hour passed and still the pending status ) Can you check it, please? Thanks a lot!

I merged some topics about the same issue. Just as a reminder, this is the answer:

And next time, please check the topic list first before posting. If there is a system issue, you’ll generally find another topic of someone else who also had this issue, and may already have more information.


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