Were disable suspending temporarily as we all to need recover our website which were faulty

talentdelta.com, itzfizz.com

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Dear infinityfree hosting, all our websites were faulty from 2 days it makes perfect sense we will try to recover them which will hit CPU limits so please remove the suspension as we are all trying our best to recover our websites without hitting limits so please bear with us so we can recover everything in next 2 days

From the InfinityFree Knowledgebase;

We treat all accounts equally, and will not give people unfair benefits just because they ask for it.

THe suspension will not be removed as the Knowledgebase says, you will just have to wait 24 Hours.


No offense. Did you read the entire issue? If not let me explain in simple english

Because first thing is that all the websites died and were faulty due to an issue in infinity free hosting. The thread for the same is this: All Sites Faulty

Due to this all the websites hosted on infinty free were broken, we the site owners have to recover it right?

That is why I asked to give temporary suspension to everyone not just me. Hope this made sense?

Sorry? DO you mean YOU personally have a suspension?

I don’t think you still understand the point of the question. This is not a debate platform but a community to help each other out so please be respectful and help people around.

Lastly yes I along with whoever had faulty sites faced a lot of issues, so yes my account got temporarily suspended when I tried to recover the website which is why we want some help to temporarily disable that suspension so we can recover it. I don’t see what is wrong in that.

I hope you understand this, if not I suggest you keep your unwanted comments to yourself and let others who can help. Thank You.

I don’t apperciate being told what to do, I know what this is, and i’m using my own time to help you.

Also, As i said before, even if you where trying to recover your site, you still exceeded the limit, and you still have to wait 24hours, I know how to help, by helping you understand that it is not possible to remove the limit.

ANd don’t you think it’s unfair to give everyone a suspension, Not everyone went over the limit, you happened to. We can’t help you and noone else can remove your suspension.

Just wait to recover your site

As with anyone whose account is suspended for hitting the daily resource limits, you have to wait for 24 hours for the account to be reactivated. Only then can you recover your website’s contents.

I know it sucks that first your website was down because of a systems issue, and now your website is down because of the daily limits. So I completely understand you want to move your website away, and that you don’t want to have to wait for a day to do so.

But people also say this when there isn’t an outage. People may also want to move away when they hit a daily limit because of the daily limit itself, because of the way we handle the limit, because of missing features, or because of some other reason why they don’t like our service.

And in all cases it’s the same: you have to wait for the account to be reactivated to extract the content. No matter what happened before.

We could argue whether it’s appropriate that FTP and phpMyAdmin access is locked down if a daily limit is hit. But that’s how the suspension system works right now.

The rules are simple: accounts cannot be reactivated earlier on request. Because we are not going to give preferential treatments to people who ask for it.

As regrettable as the issues of the past few days were, we still need the resource limits to protect our servers against overloading. Disabling the automatic suspensions or reactivating accounts faster may result in the servers getting overloaded, which would cause more outages, which is definitely not what we want.

I fully understand why you want to leave after going from one issue into the next. But we simply cannot give you additional server power or stop enforcing the limits entirely. They are there to ensure a good service for as many people as possible, which is still our main goal.


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