Well Known is forbidden!

I tried to put the file ‘.well-known’ in my public_html and access it from browser but it said ‘403 Forbidden’. Any ideas??

You should put it in htdocs folder :slight_smile:


Also please note that if you’re creating a “.well-known/acme-challenge” from Let’s Encrypt to issue an SSL for your site then it won’t work due to the security system that block requests from unauthorized bots.


so, ok despitt from that. Can you tell me how to put a auto redirect ssl? I have a ssl but when i put some code in .htaccass it gives me a permission error.

and your website is super fast

All I can think is that your file permissions got messed up? Did you touch anything about permission with your .htaccess file?
Also could you send a screenshot of the error you see?

What site of mine did you meant?

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i meant your infinity free site and the host i got. Both of them are fast.

oh nevermind, I got it working fine.

My main site is not hosted here (if you meant about Arcenvertise), I’m hosting it on a friend’s hosting since they have the official cPanel available :sweat_smile:

Ok, then Goodluck!

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