Weird PHP Slowdowns

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Main website account: epiz_29475060
Staging website account: epiz_32041917
I’m using AV Arcade (AVCMS), it uses Twig template engine.

Error Message

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Other Information

Somewhat frequently, my website that I host here takes awfully long to load any single page (based on a CMS), but subsequent loads work fine, with seemingly no obvious explanation.

The problem also happens on a staging site, so it probably isn’t specific to a hosting account.
The staging site has developer mode enabled, I captured these two different profiling results:

They’re just examples, sometimes the page load is delayed by even 15000ms.

As it can be seen, the second request executes noticeably faster.

What could be causing this problem, and how to resolve it?

It probably has something to do with an internal cache or whatever, much like WordPress.


Developer mode turns caching off in the CMS, so I highly doubt it is caused by that.

Browser caching, Cloudflare caching (If used), Less background tasks to do, Less cron commands to be completed.

There are lots of reasons why this could be happening, all of which have to do with the software on your website.


Yeah, I don’t yet know what exactly causes this. But what really seems off is that all functions’ execution time seems to almost equally increase when the slow page load occurs, which makes me uncertain if the problem is really internally.

Um, because slow function execution time = slower load.

Those two are directly connected to eachother, and prove that the slowness is in your code. (Unless you can find more evidence, in which it could prove it may be the server).

At present though, I only see information that shows its the code on your site causing this, and no information to support your claim that it is the server.


Looking at the profiling results, it looks like it says that most time is taken up by “controller”. But it’s hard to diagnose what could be slowing it down without knowing what code is taking so long. It could be storage delays, compute slowdowns or database connection delays.


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