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Instead of taking me to the original website. It takes me to this weird link. What is going on?

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Please refer to this

Or try to delete the domain from our service (in the control panel, domains > addon domains), then add it back again (domains > add a subdomain). But please follow the guide I gave to you first before you try this.
Please let me know if you have further issues.


I see this

Make sure subdomain stated is correct


Let me check this.

I deleted the addon domain.

After i create a sub domain with this name

Is this correct?

Yep, things seems to be good now.
Make sure you have your site files in instead of htdocs only now!


Got it. Thank you very much for helping out!

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Where do i get my database password?

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The database password is the same as your hosting account’s password, and can be found by logging into the Client Area, clicking on the hosting account your domain is on, then clicking on “Show/Hide” on the Password field to show the password.


Thanks. Hope the website works soon.


Im getting more trouble with another one.

{“response”:“400”,“message”:“Missing Parameters”}

What do i do?

This is not a error thrown from our servers.
Can you please share the php code or the framework you are using for this site?

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Its a paid website. How would it send it?

Could you please be more clear?

I suppose you are trying to sent some post requests to an api. This could be done through curl in php or something else in js. I’m not very good at this and you probably wanted to google.
Just to mention: hosting pirated software/frameworks here is prohibited!

Additionally, infinityfree once expect users to request domains like with xxxxx no less than 5 characters. (Don’t know if it is still true.) Could you try to request a longer domain?

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This should not be pirated. It has PHP files and the website is available to download when bought.
It is a community website for a FiveM RP server.

Is it some kind of game servers?

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Assuming this means you are on premium hosting, right? Because what you are doing here should return a different error message.

Please contact for premium support.

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It is basically like a community website for people to login and do applications, do ban appeals and release pictures.

So it’s a… forum?
I still don’t quite get it.

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I did this now.