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I’m using profreehost I noticed that just after reactivate my account 1h:25 min later on it get suspended again because of CPU / IO high usage and I don’t know what is causing that I’ve deleted any plugin that I added recently, I don’t even have any visitors. Please help me out I’m so stuck and my business is going down very fast. Please guys I, begging you

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Then go ask ProFreeHost? I can’t check a website we don’t host.

This is the InfinityFree forum. If you like our forum better than ProFreeHost’s support options, maybe you could move your websites over too.


yes that’s what I want to do but I cant access to my cPanel because of that issue and they are not even responding to me so I can fix it and move to your host

Admin can’t help you since he cannot access the records of a company he does now own.

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