Websites timing out, FTP server unreachable

Websites timing out, FTP server unreachable

Since this morning around 4:00 UTC, many websites, as well as the FTP server, are unreachable.

Approximately 20%-25% of all websites are currently returning Connection Timed Out errors (Cloudflare reports this as status code 522).

When trying to login to FTP, you may see this error message:

421 3900 users (the maximum) are already logged in, sorry

This issue affects all accounts, even the accounts which are still accessible at this time.

Because the file manager(s) use FTP as well, the file managers also cannot connect to your website.

We’re still investigating the cause of this issue.

UPDATE: As of 13:00 UTC, the FTP service and all websites have been restored. We’re sorry for the inconvenience caused.


My bad. Wish it fixes Asap :frowning:

On cpanel. This displays to me:

I hate this problem i wish you solve it as soon as possible

O meu “File Manager” abre tranquilamente, mas o site não tá abrindo, espero que resolvam!

I wish too.

Já voltou ao normal.

what does that mean?

O erro foi resolvido

Please speak in English! Here are the translations:


speak in english please :frowning:

but that is not fixed?

Edit: ninja’d again

I said, that the error has been resolved, my site normally loaded

i’m getting error 520 now. DNS Caching issue maybe?

it is accessible right now. (your site)

but cpanel? it is not working and we only have to wait until it fixed

are you using cloudflare?

no. but it is not related to cloudflare?

I don’t use cpanel, I have a panel inside the site

It is also related to file manager, which doesn’t work :]

you cannot upload things rn.