Websites Not Working

i am on free hosting and my domain name is its not sub domain of but still not working …"‘.site is experiencing technical difficulties "’ showing on m domain even i am unable to open my control panel also . please help me…

I moved your post to a new topic. Next time, if you have a question, please create a new topic for it, unless you are absolutely 100% sure that you are experiencing the exact same issue.

This error is not actually a hosting error, but a WordPress error (which is easy to tell if you just plug the error message in Google).

This error means that something in WordPress doesn’t work. Did you attempt to update WordPress or any plugins recently? If so, that may have broken down and caused this problem.

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if you haven’t set up new plugins recently. you can try this :slight_smile:

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“The site is experiencing technical difficulties.” this was written by you, right?

That error was written by WordPress from the version 5.2 in place of the “Maintenance Mode” message.

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Make sure your DNS settings in your domain name is set to these bellow

The save the changes and will take up to 72 hrs for these settings to be live in your control panel.

i’m sorry. but your answer doesn’t matches with their question. they don’t ask about domain configuration :slight_smile:

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