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Hi everyone,
I have a question about adding my website to adsense, ( my other website work ) but the one i made with infinityfree didn’t, i got this error message :
The URL must match a valid top-level domain. Did you mean instead?

Anyone was able to add his website to adsense for adding the “ads.txt”’ file? If yes, what can be my problem?


Literally what the error message says:

You need to use a top level domain and not a subdomain in order to use Adsense for your website.



thank you for your respond! I was wondering since my other website is a subdomain and there is no problem with it

what’s your other website’s URL, and how did you go about adding it?

likely won’t work:


the other is ; ( blank website, that’s was a test ) but i can’t add the .txt file

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