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Website displays fine on two different Windows machines. Will not display on Mac using either Safari or Firefox. Instead of my webpage, I get a generic page with colored flags along each side and list of links in center of page to Free Website, etc. I have cleared all browsers on the Mac.


Thanks for your reply. Website is working on Windows machines using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, so I don’t think it’s a propagation issue.

You can try to clear your dns cache on mac at least,

I have cleared all caches on the Mac.

You can just probably wait for a day or so?
I think it will clear everything by itself.

And most problems are solved by a restart. Restart your device, as well as router/internet.

Thanks for your reply. I rebooted the router and computer. Same result–I cannot access

I can access the site using two different Windows computers and my iPhone (Safari). I thought that would indicate that propagation had been completed. Is that not correct?

Yes the website is visible from my side too.
There’s a problem from your end, specially that mac device.

Thanks for the confirmation that you can access the site. Are you using a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer?

I’m on Windows 10.

PS: Can’t afford Mac.

I’m on Linux & Works, Windows also works


Something is wrong here, really.


Thanks. I cannot figure why the Mac won’t access the site now that I have cleared the DNS cache (BayoDino suggestion) as well as the Safari and Firefox caches. What else is there?

Maybe try to configure a DNS resolver like or Google Public DNS on your device?


yeah, or use a DNS Server from the OpenNic server network

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Ah, i just forgot to say it can be an ISP caching issue, either wait, do above solutions or use VPN


OK!! Changed to Google’s DNS resolvers and that did the trick. Thanks to all who weighed in on this.

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