Website was working yesterday and for the last week, now down


won’t load or goes to an advertising page intermittently

hangs and says the server where this page is located is not responding

Now, consistently forwarded to advertising…

Expected, due to this…

What is on your dns record?


Did you do this?


Thank you so much for your reply. My domain manager is What you listed are their nameservers. This is the process I followed (and it all worked until yesterday):

  1. Changed the nameservers at my registrar to Infinityfree’s.
  2. Waited for propagation
  3. After my directory was created, put my html into .htaccess
  4. Changed my nameserver back to my provider (I need to do this for email forwarding).
  5. Adjusted the DNS records to point to my new site @ infinityfree.
  6. Waited again for propagation.
  7. Everything worked well! :slight_smile:
  8. Created and auto-installed SSL certificate.
  9. Waited for propagation.
  10. SSL (and website) both worked well for over a week.
  11. Now not working.
  12. MYSTERY! :slight_smile:
  13. Here are my DNS entries:

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

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You claimed

Yet this is what I see

You need to get rid of other A/CNAME records pointing to


Something seems to be wrong with your domain name.

If I check the WHOIS information for your domain, I see it’s using the nameservers But when I do an actual DNS lookup, your domain is actually pointing to the nameservers

This is not supposed to happen, and usually indicates a bug in the system or a restriction placed on your domain by the registrar or registry.

Please contact Regery about this, they should be able to tell more about this on their end. This doesn’t seem to be a hosting issue or a configuration issue which anyone in this topic can fix.


Yes, I understand and see that. Thank you so much. I am contacting them now.

For the benefit of other members: the registry sent an “email verification” email last week. It ended up in my junk mail. Since I didn’t reply, they temporarily suspended the domain. I need to reply, and re-propagate. Motto: make SURE your domain registrar is sent to an email that you closely watch and that their address is white-listed (not marked as spam).

Thanks to @KangJL , @Admin (and ALL the helpful members here) :slight_smile:


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