Website very slow loading

My website is very slow to load, especially the first time loaded. Then it is OK until after the PC is restarted or left for a couple of hours. Other people are also having the same problem, so perhaps not my PC
The inodes are 33%
I am using Wordpress 5.7. However Wordpress won’t update and I had to do the last update manually. I am yet to update to the latest version

Can anyone help please

You have to expect this only, from free hosting. Just to improve a bit, use a cdn or a caching plugin. Being on the latest verson of WordPress, improve the performance and speed.

WP always takes a long time to load on first load due to WP Cron, witch runs before the site is displayed. Try disabling as many plugins as possible, and creating a cron job in the control panel to load your site every 1hr and 5mins.


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