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The website’s control panel says that the website is active, but the website says “Let’s Make Something Awesome” instead of the page intended for my assessment that I am currently working on. Any ideas on how to fix?

make sure that you uploaded your files to the htdocs directory and that you have an index.html or index.php file as your main home page

note: the main index.php or index.html filename must be in lowercase only

can you post a screenshot of your website directory please


We have an article specifically about this issue. Did you check it already?


it looks like you’ve solved the problem, well done

the only thing is that your images directory doesn’t contain any images so they are not displaying :frowning:



So what can I do now???

Upload image files into the images folder?


What directory? I uploaded it into htdocs/images directory

I checked your site and the images are working for me now. If they aren’t working for you, please clear your browser cache and check again.

It doesn’t seem like you have to do anything on your site.


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