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how to check our website visiting traffic.

I dont think that exists on InfinityFree. But you can switch your nameservers/DNS to CloudFlare and gain access to such info. Sign up for CloudFlares Free account (no credit card). They monitor the unique visits & hits on your websites, and provide services to block and fix ongoing attacks or unusual traffic to your sites. They provide excellent tools for such issues.


Hi if0_34749564,

Free subdomain users might not be able to use Cloudflare, in this case, you can try installing Matomo Analytics, an open-source alternative to Google Analytics, either way, you can have insights into your website traffic and user behaviour insights for those without ad-blockers.



It might be less trouble to simply buy a domain at a registrar… They cost a few bucks, most are less than $20 for a year.

Hi mmaiato,

Cloudflare itself is a domain registrar, but some, simply are ready to spend $ yet, I mean that’s why they’re using InfinityFree in the first place. It really depends on the use case here, if it generates money, definitely go for a .com, otherwise one also gets the job done with no difference in performance whatsoever.

Since we do not know his domain, let’s let him/her decide on the options available at hand.




You will have a hard time achieving that with third-party services
because in most cases, whether the visit will be registered or not depends on javascript code or some form of call to, for example, a 1x1 pixel image from their servers, and most modern browsers block these things to protect privacy…

So that even if you get a result, that figure only represents the number of visitors who allowed themselves to be seen (on your page)

it is most ideal and accurate to have the log directly on the server
but here on the free service, such a thing could put an additional load on your website (because writing logs consumes CPU and RAM) or it could even trigger a suspension because, for example, DDoS or a bunch of bots start digging on your site, which is already a problem in itself, and especially in addition, when your script works at full speed with every REQs they request

if you can use Cloudflare, then you can use this plugin (or read below on the topic how to do it without this plugin)


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