Website taking too long to respond

i am facing some problems please help yesterday i was able to access the webpage from this ip:
But no it is showing me the website please help me

Your website opened just fine for me. So I was able to see all the pirated movies and TV shows being shared there, all of which violate the law and, by extension, our terms of service.

Your account has been suspended now. Please find some other hosting provider if you want to share pirated stuff.

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Admin it does not share any pirated movies and they are not content is not hosted on your hosting

i Just share the content which is shared on many other websites
for those who cant access other websites

where did you open the website from can you tell me the country

But even if that’s true, you’re still sharing the pirated content. Even if you’re not the one who hosts the files.

but please rea activate
and tell me what all i can share
only that will be done by me
as i am just 16 i didnt knew about all this
i can prove my identity by anything you ask

You can share only contents that don’t violate copyright laws, not pirated content or contents that violate copyright laws.

I checked your website, and all I saw were pirated movies and TV shows. None of those things are legal or allowed on our service.

Check your client area for more information, and to submit a review request to get your account back. But consider the possibility that your account will not be reactivated.

Even at the age of 16, you should know about copyright infringement, and that pirating content is illegal. And you’ve just learned today that if you do illegal stuff, many providers will not be willing to host your website.

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