Website takes forever to load first time

My website: takes for ever to load first time if not accessed for a few hours. That happened before and was fixed establishing a cron job but lately it seems this fix is not working anymore. I have a cron job established in the control panel with a timing of 1h 15 mins and another in the new feature added some weeks ago , directly in the account menu with 15 mins timing. I don’t know it there is any kind of incompatibility between them or any other issue. Please help.
Thank you in advance.

Well, is the cron job still there?


Yes, The cron job is still present in both locations:

Can you add in a few more cron jobs of different duration (1hr 20min, 1hr 25min etc) to see if it will help?


I’ll try and see what happens

Nah, the same. If the site is not accessed even in a few minutes first load takes ages

This keeps on happening. Any suggestions?

Are you using any heavy plugins like elementor or woocommerce?


Yep. Using elementor but it has always been like this from the beginning of the site and didn’t happen anything like this before. Actually it happened some time ago but I could fix it with cron jobs. What I don’t understand is why is this happening now?

It is because you are using Elementor. That is quite a heavy plug-in not suits well for free hosting.


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