Website take too long time to open from " INDIA "

I have a website hosted on infinityfree. But when my friends open my site it take too long time to open.
I have contacted my domain provider but they told me its not their fault. Its caused by the hosting provider.
Please help me.
I want help from the admin of infinityfree.
Thank you

Please reply back to me via email at

[email protected]

My domain provider is Godaddy LLc
Please help me

InfinityFree servers took place at UK, and as far as I know, they don’t have one (yet) in Asia. So connection is reasonably slow to your region.

But there’s something you can do to improve (at least a bit) your connectivity speed to server: Try to minimize scripts or images size if possible. The bigger a file size, the slower your site to load.

I just have connected my domain with infinityfree.
By then my site goes slow.
Help me admin

I can check for any known issues. Do you have a URL I can take a look at?

My sites url is

Help me

Site is very slow as like the there is no site

Admin help me

You don’t need to say “help me” literally five times. Especially repeating it over and over again isn’t helping anyone. I check all topics, even if I don’t check them every minute of every hour.

The issue you’re experiencing is caused by an issue on our end. There is more information (and will be more updates) in this topic:

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Please speed up my site

As i have checked My hosting volume is :Hosting Volume vol10_2

So what can I do?
Please help me admin

The answer is given, read up Admin’s post and go through the link

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Also, please don’t comment seperately.
Please comment all your comments in a single comment as possible if you get what I mean.


Have infinityfree resolved it?

Not yet

@BrZexR said:
Have infinityfree resolved it?

Did I post an update in the topic I linked to?

Repeating “is it fixed yet” or “please help me” isn’t going to solve anything. So I’m closing this topic.