Website suspendend and I don't know why

Hi my website is

For reasons I completely ignore, my website recently got suspended twice in less than a week for “reaching daily ep limit”. Can anyone tell me how can I prevent this in the future, this is really annoying.

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Did you try getting cloudflare to secure your website?

Because your site might have been ddosed.

LOL, tried to do so but apparently I can’t since I don’t have my own domain. And I understood that I can’t set up cloudflare to secure a subdomain.

Try this:
It has all the things you need in 1.

will watch, thanks.

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I saw that, but the funny thing is I don’t have any php script on my website nor anything that refresh the page constantly

Here are some things you can take a look at:

Entry processes are the number of PHP processes which are created to render your website. Simply put: every time a request is received for a PHP page, a new process is created for your user. This is what’s known as an Entry Process. The number of entry processes has to do with the number of page views your website receives.


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