Website suspended

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suspened for entry process limits

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can anyone just tell me what suddenly happened, sudden spike on process,
i was just editing a page and typing and published and refreshed the duplicate tab to check the changes

and i added even a caching plugin to compress image

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Sorry, but not really, no. We just track the number of active processes and increment a counter if you hit the limit. We don’t record exactly when that happens, or what exactly is happening on your site. So for the most part, what you see in the graphs is about the level of detail we know too.

Caching plugin and image compression are two very different things. Yes, they are both website optimizations, but they optimize different things. So having an image compression plugin doesn’t mean you have caching.

Also, entry process usage is not affected that much by PHP execution time, so caching isn’t that useful for reducing entry process usage.


After suspension is over i want to take local backup of site using all in one backup plugin will it affect on entry process limits

Most likely no. You will hit other limits instead


Even with taking backups i will hit limits
I am stuck then ???

This is the preferred way to backup


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