Website suspended

My website gets 500 visitors daily. Again my website is suspended for daily hits limit "reached ". Reactivate my account asap

Not gonna happen. Wait 24 hrs if it is a temporary suspension

This should explain more clearly


Every day I check/see daily hits in my account. Maximum I have seen in 5000. if you activate my account now that will be really good. My website should not be suspended for bot traffic (i don’t know what it is)


My advice to you is get a paid hosting account on iFastNet for a little over 40 bucks a year that comes without all the limitations of free hosting accounts. Your website is popular and will keep getting suspended on infinityfree. Do yourself a favor and ditch infinity. Go with iFastNet cuz they don’t have all the stupid rules of free hosting services.

See how you said, “free”? You didn’t pay a dime for this hosting, hence why it has so many limitations. Keep in mind that InfinityFree’s limitations are much more lenient than other free hosting services.


One year back I was buying paid hosting for my website with ifastnet but my bank was stopping debit card payments

Traffic is traffic, which takes server power to handle. Even traffic no one wants consumes server power. And server power is a finite resource.

It’s impossible to reliably separate bot traffic from legitimate traffic, so we just count all traffic for the account.


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