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In my infinity free account, I have two websites and they are all suspended. The first one (epiz_31873288) is built for a gaming community for Roblox. There is no illegal information or any action to take anyone’s data. The second website (epiz_31946191) is created for research, study and understanding of cyber security and particularly for phishing information. This website is an example of a phishing website and it aims to harvest usernames and passwords. I didn’t know this is not allowed on infinity free before this, as this is not actually recording people’s data, it is just an example to show how it is done and how to recognise if the website is phishing information.

I was trying to create a ticket for the first website, which has nothing to do with phishing, the ticket is closed automatically in five minutes. I have declared that the first website (epiz_31873288) has nothing to do with any illegal actions, so please could I get this account back. I am sorry for not understanding about phishing is not allowed and for other misunderstandings. If that is not possible, could I have a backup of the first website (epiz_31873288) that would be great!

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Unfortunately, doing something like this will get you suspended, for good.

Our automated system don’t understand what is actually done with the data, they just understand that the site is phishing. When a human takes a look at the website, all they see is a form that is going to seal people’s data, they don’t have time to look under the hood.

The rules are outlined in the ToS, and it explains that if you violate them, you are done, for good, and no backups will be provided. Lastly, you are responsible for always keeping a copy of your data on your own computer. Even if you use a paid provider, you never know when data will be corrupted.


No phishing websites (even if its just an example)

So if I or infinity free delete this website, could I get my account back? I got other website suspended as well for the same reason under this account but those are not phshing.

Read my comment

Your account is suspended because of phishing.


If one site is suspended for phishing, your done. Period.


I understand that. But is it possible I can have a backup of the website that are not phishing? They were suspended without any reason.

Probably no backup. Also your account was suspended for phishing,so stop claiming it for no reason.


Once again, you were suspended for phishing. That is illegal. That is violating our terms of service.

If you violate the terms of service, you are done. No more access, no more backups. Nothing.

You should have your own backup, but you don’t, and you violated our terms. The situation does not matter, your other accounts do not matter, you broke the rules, so you are done.


No, we do not provide file access to phishing accounts because they may contain stolen credentials that have not been harvested yet.

And please understand that we cannot go through the effort to comb through your accounts to check all the possible locations where phishing content may be located or stored.

You having uploaded a phishing page is definitely “a reason”. You may say that our approach is very harsh, perhaps unnecessarily so, but that doesn’t suddenly mean that the original trigger didn’t exist.


Another question, can I request to unlink my domain to the account? thanks a lot

You’ll have to do so yourself. You can do it through vPanel Addon Domains or Parked Domains.

No. When we take down abuse accounts, we want the websites to stay down. So of course you cannot delete domains from suspended accounts. If we did, it would be trivial for a phisher to unlink the domain from the old account and setup a new account with a phishing page on the same domain.


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