Website Suspended

Hello, my website got suspended, i sent a ticket 16 hours ago but with no answers or re-activation. is my website, i would love if you could help me with reactivation.

Support Ticket #664089

Is your site suspended due abuse? Well. Staff are a bit busy. But they’ll answer you asap :slight_smile:
But you can resend your ticket.


Alright, thank you for taking the time to answer me :slight_smile:

It looks like there is a bit of a backlog with the tickets, so it may take a bit longer than usual for the requests to be processed. Please be patient and wait for a response.

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Shall I expect it to take more than 24 hours from now?

As this is a free service, you really shouldn’t expect support staff to answer instantly when they likely have other tasks they must take care of in their life first (as well answering other support requests). If you need instant support, you might be better off with premium hosting.


Alright, so my account got suspended, i’ve got no review for the account for more than 24 hours of wait. May i know if i will be able to recover files and the database i’ve had stored on the hosting if my request don’t get approved in the nearest time?

If they delete then that is it. Since it suspended for whatever reason (please give why it was suspended) for 24hrs, just wait.

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Hello, I sent a ticket regarding an account of mine that got suspended for more than 3 days ago. I’ve since then got no reply or news. May i know how long the process will take or if this is normal?

Support Ticket #664089

It looks they’re busy due the real life issues, You should wait or make another support ticket :slight_smile:


As you can see in your client area, the status of the ticket is currently “Pending”. I think this means that additional review is being done on your account. I don’t know how long it takes for this review to be done, I’ve seen tickets be in this state for quite a long time.

In any case, this is a community support forum. Nobody here can help you speed up that review. No matter how many topics you create to talk about your suspension.


May i please know for how long i should expect to wait? The answer is really important for me.

It depends really. Partly on the support staff having to worry about real life stuff (which isn’t there fault, they’re humans after all) but also on why your account was suspended. If it’s not for the account using too many resources (which is usually just a suspension for 24 hours and is automatically unsuspended afterwards) than there’s likely something wrong with your account. At any rate, I don’t think a time for the answer to come by can be predicted based on the amount of variables. It might be an hour from now, or not for awhile- Nobody knows.


What did you get suspended for? We can’t say unless you tell us the reason of suspension


I also got suspended, how do i move to another host

Please create a seperate topic. We will help you though.

I checked your accounts, none of them are suspended. One is deactivated by you, the other one is active.

Please remember: the best way to tell whether your website is suspended is to check the status in the client area. If the client area doesn’t say the account is suspended, then it probably isn’t suspended.

If your domain name is redirecting to, please see this article for possible explanations:


Could i please have an answer, i’ve already waited for more than a week

@DarinSaleh What did it get suspended for (I said this the second time, please say why)? Next, there is very few people who are the staff members. So you’ll have to be patient since there are other tickets as well to handle.

I’m not too sure, i think it might be connected with another account, as i logged in to another account, and then this happened, but i’m not interested in the other accounts, this is the only one i need.