Website Suspended Unnecessarily

My website got suspended on 10 April because i hit the cpu limit , I made many changes on that day so it got suspended , its ok . BUt on 11 april it again got suspended again for the same reason even though i didnt do anything , there is no chance that my cpu limit was reached as i only installed a plugin and open the site once

After removal of suspension of site of 10 april ( got suspended on 10 and removed on 11) i used my site less than 5 minute - and then again got suspended and and suspension notification came in that 5 min of use . usually my site suspend after 1-2 hours after i have done the work on my site aand if the limit was hit . i dont have traffic also .

Please Infinity free see what is happening .

I will not be surprised if that plugin is resource intensive. Why don’t you disable it first.
What about themes?

i am using astra theme … but i didn’t get suspended even though i use my site for 1-2 hour .
And about the plugin I have used that same plugin for many times but I didn’t get suspended within 5 minute of use And just installing a plugin and going to its setting option doesn’t make a website cpu limit to hit . there was not traffice ( no bot traffic also )

Steps I didnt which made my site suspended

  1. opened my page and gone to my admin page
  2. deleted 2 plugin using bulk action
  3. actually i didnt install plugin i just activated it , and i didnt setup it . so I setup it ( just added my email as the plugin asked )
    4 . Then i gone to my plugin setting page … And i got suspended .
    I have done this steps may time before with the same plugin and within 1 hour but i dint got suspended …

And ya i got suspended on 10 april 6 am ( in my country ) and then reactivated it at 11 april 6 am - this suspension is ok as i used my website a lot . But ( today 11 april ) i didnt use my site just after reactivation . i used my sit at approx 8:30 am … and just within 5 min i got suspended .

My website is suspended how can i delete i . But the question is that why i got suspended today i made sure that i have not hit the cpu limit . and that too i used only for less than 5 min .

Wait for it to be lifted first.

Try other simpler themes?


I am using these theme and same plugin from the day i started making my site ( about one month ) . I used the same them , same plugin and everything same . but i only got suspended 3 time … one was way back , 2nd was on 10th and 3r d was on 11 ( just after the 2nd suspension )

I had no problem on 1st and 2nd suspension because i know that i used many times taht day and for a quite long time staright ( like about 2 hours and bar of cpu limit just touched that red line )

But i have problem in this 3rd suspension . I dint use the website for 24 hours ( as my site was suspended on 10 april and it reactivated it ) After my site got reactivated . i just done the things that i mentioned earlier ( which only took me about 5 minustes ) and i got suspended in that 5 minutes . I didnt do any heavy task or used any heavy plugin … but why , why suspended . I checked cloudflare , there was no vistor , no bot visitor also

Usually when the limit is reached i get suspended after one or two hour (for example i do my work in site till 9 pm then i leave my site ( if i hit the limit at 9 ) i get suspended at 10 pm . i.e 1 hour gap ) … but in this case i got suspended instantly . i used my site after Suspension got lifted only for 5 min and it got suspended in that 5 min .

Please answer me admin . where was the problem . how did i reach my cpu limit in just 5 min and i didnt do much thing in my site )

I would prefer you to open a support ticket through clientarea and they will look into your issue.

I cant do that . Whenever i click create a ticket it redirects to Login to your account - InfinityFree . So that’s why I am asking to solve this in this community forum so that admin checks the issue .

The only thing I know is that we get quite a few complaints regarding websites that supposedly have no traffic get suspended for CPU usage and that all of these sites use Cloudflare.

My assumption is that the CPU usage is caused by bot traffic because Cloudflare’s security system is more loose than ours. But that’s just an assumption.

Regardless, I see no reason to suspect that our resource calculation is incorrect. If you choose to use Cloudflare, then you will have to deal with the traffic that Cloudflare sends to your hosting account.

Can you please check the traffic stats in Cloudflare’s panel to verify there was actually no traffic on that day?

Also, not sure why people are suddenly all saying “submit a ticket”. You can’t submit a ticket for daily limit suspensions. That hasn’t been an option for over four years.

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I have checked the cloudflare before asking it in community forum . And i didnt even see any visit of bots in my wordpress site ( through my security plugin ) . You may also see my cloudflare web traffic report . In second image befor 6am there was visits but they cant be considered as my hosting was suspended at that time . It reactivated at 6am and at 9 : 30 am i started to use my site to make changes and at 9:35 ( just after 5 min ) it got suspended again

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