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My website has been suspended recently for for abuse. InfinityFree monitors and reviews accounts to ensure they do not contain any harmful content, and that they don’t overload the free hosting servers.
But as a matter of fact, I was just hosting a WordPress site with mere 2 posts and that too for educational purposes like helping JEE students. I am disappointed with this.

Hello there,

So how’s that “without any reason at all”? I understand that “suspended for abuse” is a vague reason but that’s still a reason though. Please check the Knowledge Base article I have linked at the bottom of this reply for more info.

Since your site was suspended for “abuse” you will need to create a support ticket of why your site got suspended and how you might be able to reactivate your hosting account back.

Also I would like to point it out that InfinityFree does not suspend any hosting accounts without any reason provided.
Please refer to this Knowledge Base article for more information:


I meant to convey that my account has seemingly NOTHING abusive… Just pure Physics and Chemistry stuff and I don’t see any abuse there… Sharing knowledge with the world is a good thing, right? And I would like to know if a WordPress site uses “TOO MANY SERVER RESOURCES” or not.

I don’t know the exact reason why your site is suspended, no one here in this forum except the Admin knows the exact reason of your suspension.

That’s why I told you to please create a support ticket so the support staff can tell you what content in your site the system found abusive. They will provide you instructions on what you should do like they would want you to delete a certain file.

You might say that but the term “abusive” is subjective here, You might find the your Physics and Chemistry stuffs are not abusive but the system found it as an abuse to our fair usage limit since it uses too much server resources that’s why your site was suspended due to abuse. It’s definitely probably not your Science and for educational stuffs that abused the servers, it’s the stuff like WordPress which is known to be resource hungry especially when you use too many (whether heavy or lightweight) plugins and themes that triggers the system to suspend your site.


Wordpress is infamous for being script heavy. In order to keep this from happening, use CDNs like Cloudflare. Install caching plugins like W3 Super Cache or Autoptimize. Install only those plugins that are absolutely necessary. This will decrease the server load.


Wordpress uses too much .php file, all urls in wordpress do always have a .php file, even in dashboard and posts. Maybe you have use too much plugins or you refresh your site every time you make a changes and executed many plugins.

The goal of “sharing knowledge with the world” is great! But it’s not so great if this “knowledge” happens to be contained in ebooks which you’re distributing for free, even though others have to pay for them on Amazon.

You’re hosting an ebook piracy site with us. That’s illegal, no matter what kind of humanitarian motivations you have to do so.

As others have said: we never suspend accounts for no reason. The article which @UnknownLolz linked to listed the option “you were not aware of a rule you violated”, which looks like it may apply to you here.


I am really sorry. I had no intention of violating any rules. By the way, I am curious why really big hosting companies like GoDaddy do not suspend such types of websites. For example, I was inspired by to make my own website and help poor students.

Simple, cause you are paying them.

If I buy premium hosting on InfinityFree. Will I be able to do what I am prevented of?

What do you want to do then?

If you want just to provide education learning via online and help poor students then it is okay, you are not violating any terms.

Thanks everyone for involving in the discussion. Really grateful for the help I got here.

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No, legal web hosting providers do not want illegal and pirated content to be hosted in their servers. People using legal hosting providers to host illegal stuffs might not get their site taken down sooner because it will only happen if the provider finds out or someone reports your site to your hosting provider.


Sharing pirated ebooks is illegal almost anywhere in the world. Go Daddy is legally required to take action too if they get a DMCA complaint from the publisher of one of the books being shared.

But both for Go Daddy and for us: we can’t check every page on every website by hand every day to check if there is any bad content. So I’m sure that there are some very bad sites on both Go Daddy and InfinityFree, but we simply don’t know about them yet.

Lack of intervention should never be considered a statement of approval. The terms of service, and the applicable law, are the only things which tell you what is and isn’t allowed.


Why is my account suspended again?

Open a ticket and ask.

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You must have received an email regarding why your website was suspended. If it is not clear, then open a ticket and request information.

Maybe you are suspended again because you still hosting files as stated by the @Admin. Make sure you’re not and create a support ticket for it.

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