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I’m using this software:

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I recently added Google AdSense script in the section of my website. Since then, my website is suspended daily with reasons that I’m going over the daily hits when actually I’ve not done any editing since after adding the AdSense code. So how come? By the I’m using the free service. Is it the reason?

What I understand from the link you sent is that the Google AdSense script could be the culprit bcos it supplies the adverts in surplus. I guessed as much myself and so I’ve been trying to remove the code from the HTML page without success. It shows error message when I try to save after editing and the code will still be in the head section. I cant go to my site now to copy out the error message because I’m suspended. I’m really getting frustrated because this is happening on daily basis

Did you check your client area for more information? It says the resource limit you’ve hit (hint: it’s not hits).

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We are saying the same thing. The question is how I hit the limit when I’ve not been doing anything on the site. I don’t have visitors on the site yet. I’ve not even told close friends about it.

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It looks your site uses heavy codes which can reach your daily limits

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Now the site is reactivated once again and I’m trying to find a solution to the issue before the site is suspended again. From experience now, I expect the site to be suspended anytime from now! Whatever is causing the daily suspension? Could it be AdSense script I added? Even if this is free, if one can’t add a simple AdSense script without causing overload or whatever it’s called then why hosting the site here? Note: I keep saying AdSense because it’s the last thing I did on the website before all these suspensions started

The AdSense script should not generate any notable resource usage. While ad scripts generate more network traffic, this traffic all goes to the ad server, not your hosting server, so it doesn’t generate additional hits or require any additional PHP code to be executed on the server.


Well, I guess problem continues bcos I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve gone through the website and can’t figure out why the site is always suspended.

I don’t know what causes your resource usage either. The resource usage measurements on free hosting don’t provide any way to do detailed analysis on what’s generating this usage. Detailed metrics are only available with premium hosting.

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