Website suspended after to buy

I have been using my wordpress configurator until I received a mysql abuse notice.
I have paid $6 from the infinityfree website, where it said it was instant (recovering the website) but I have not recovered it.

My website is:

Error i get: Special offer and Discount Coupon

I don’t see that. I see this instead:

There has been a critical error on this website.

Mind clearing your cache?

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I can see the website now!!

A question. Now that I have paid $6/month, do I need to worry about mysql abuse error?

How can I see if I am abusing?

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No? I am not sure. I don’t use iFastNet premium hosting


You are now a customer of iFastNet. You can learn more below.


Thanks! I just have a problem today.

In the end, yesterday I was able to continue working on my website (wordpress) from infinityfree. Today I tried to continue working but I can’t see anything:

Some help? All this infinity and ifastnet is very poorly explained and organized…

If you asked for your website to be migrated, you have to manage your website via iFastNet, not InfinityFree.


Its solved! Thanks!!

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