Website suddenly down

My website is now suddenly down, giving me a 523 error from cloudflare.

Error Message

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The free subdomain that you get with infinityfree ( is down too, so it’s not a cloudflare problem

same here, my website is also down

It seems the whole network is down - maybe related to some nameserver issue. Even, and are down.

same for my website it seem that all servers is down

all the websites hosted from here or epizy is down, my site is kinda accessible but in dyno mode (old style mode)

Working for me!

Try after clear cache!

Subdomain which you mentioned not working!i

its cloudflare always on, he has Pro Subscriptions active

Apparently you can ping all the websites - so I guess they are just doing a maintence on the webservers/vPanel.

iFastNet is down.


Cloudflare always on is also in free cloudflare plans included.
works for me.

That’s just a cache version provided by Cloudflare no the actual/live version of the website

yeah i found that now
you can check if my site is working too

I am having the same issue with my site as well. I though I was getting down on purpose by someone:

yeah my site got on offline mode too ’s server IP address could not be found. i think your domain is down

  1. Pings are disabled on free hosting.
  2. No need to panic, this is just a rare downtime.
  3. Have patience for Admin to come online.
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Pings arent disabled. You can ping all domains and they are working, but the ttl expired.

ofc you can ping the website, but you cant ping the ip

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