Website style is broken(?)

Website URL


On localhost, the website is properly set up with the styles and stuff but when i copied it to infinityfree via filezilla the style changed

this is how it’s supposed to look like

Other Information

I’m a total newbie and i’m doing this website just for a school project, I’d appreciate if any of you guys help.

Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ll have to make sure that all the files are uploaded correctly on your htdocs folder, even the stylesheet, and since Linux servers are case-sensitive (so Styles.css differs from styles.css), also make sure they’re named correctly on the PHP files.


After I went home and checked the site with my other PC, I saw that it works fine there but not on my laptop, any ideas on why this happens?

I think it’s something about the browser because now it also works on the laptop too, still thanks for the help


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