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I am currently testing this platform and have uploaded a project in a subdomain /wardlog. It has been stuck for a while on the loading screen. Im trying to solve the matter out, there are no errors on the web console.

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The web console only shows errors that the browser sees, not errors that the server sees. So it is good to debug JavaScript, but not PHP.

So what program are you running?
And can you turn in PHP errors in the control panel?
And if possible, turn on a debug mode in the program you are using.


I’m a little baffled, before I found your website I tested the same application with 000webhost, just uploaded the same zip file, extracted it and it worked.

as compared to

The only difference I noted was perhaps its different webservers, yours uses htdocs to upload to and the other public_html, otherwise there is no eye boggling stuff I seem to bee missing.

Or is it https vs http?

If you open up dev tools, click on the network tab, and then do control+r, do you see any errors?

I am on a mobile at the moment, so I can’t do it myself.

Inside my folder I have /assets, /scripts and /styles folder. My app.js sits inside the /scripts folder.

When I was also doing the tests, one error indicated a 404 for app.js.


PS: I have pointed it to http protocol for my php file and also removed the service worker i had.

I checked the files in your account, and the scripts folder is empty. Can you please try re-uploading it?


Strange one. I uploaded a zip file again and extracted it with content, I see now that nothing is ever witten to the scripts folder. I also tried to upload files one by one to the scripts folder, same issue, it does show that its uploading and finishes, but nothing is ever listed on that folder even after I refresh the screen.

Perhaps there is something your end you can check for me please why?

Thank you.

Likely due to this??


Thank you so much. I have split my js and css files and there is some light.

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