Website still down

My website URL
Both my websites are still down. But it shows no errors only blank pages.

the problem is with Freenom

The other domain is from GoDaddy.

IP address error im assuming- change DNS

there was a post earlier about this issue- click on my name and click on one of my posts- you should find it

Thanks for sharing such an wonderful information…

As suggested by @Oxy issues with FreeNom domains sometimes have this solution:

My website sometime show something like this.

Remember that you must WAIT after you change nameservers back to original, look up on Google how to clear your DNS Cache and flush your web DNS.

After one day has passed change back the Nameservers for your FreeNom domain back to the ones of InfinityFree and then wait some time and flush again if neccessary.

It should do the trick.

This domain is pointing to Freenom’s nameservers, and no DNS records exist in Freenom’s nameservers for your domain. Please switch the domain back to our nameservers and it should work.

This domain is using Cloudflare’s nameservers. I don’t know exactly what the IP address is that Cloudflare recorded for your domain, but I think it’s the wrong one.

To fix this, you could either:

  • Move your domain back to our nameservers and leave it like that.
  • Move your domain back to our nameservers, delete the domain from Cloudflare and then add it again (so Cloudflare will rescan the records).
  • Try to fix your DNS records yourself:

The DNS record for was not available and tried fixing them using this link only but it is not working for me.

How so?

I don’t know. Today I launched another website and configured it myself although it’s DNS was available but i did it myself and that is working fine for me.

Actually the ssl certificate is working but site is not working.

If you want to force HTTPS on a WordPress site, make sure you update your Website URL in the WordPress settings first.

not working is a broad term - maybe you see this

This website is working fine for me. I launched it today only to verify that DNS configuration I am making are right.
But is not working and the domain registrar is GoDaddy.

I guess you’re doing a lots of changes in a short time
and different junctions (CF, GoDaddy, IF) points do not communicate well

do what admin suggested
but give some time between each action

For I changed nameservers back to those provided by infinity free. I hope that it works for me. Please guide me after how many days i should try using cloudflare for this website.

after 30 minutes you can try adding it to CF (in many cases you should wait longer)

if you see the ORANGE cloud in CF then it’s ok

if it does not work - wait longer
if stuck (12h) - repeat the actions mentioned by the admin

Cloudflare don’t recognize DNS record itself for this website and I have to configure it myself and as you mentioned orange cloud appears before them.
But I will give it one more try.