Website still down - FIXED

@Admin can you check it out?
It is not working for me and is still displaying error. It may be another reason though…I am not sure.
The website is due Friday Night. I have not been on it for a couple of days. PLEASE HELP!! PLEASE HELP!

Thank You


btw. still some pages have error 502 or server not found
please have more patience because it is not over

if it does not appear in the next 12h then we’ll see

I did the domain procedure… I will wait, but the website is due tomorrow night!

I do not see any DNS records for that domain (using many tools)


I have the DNS

Also infinityfree says “The domain needs to point to the nameservers: and . Learn more.

OK sometimes Freenom have problem pushing the NS settings !

so please set it again but use

use of vs it’s not important because both pointing to the same location
but I suggested that change to force Freenom DB to be updated/refreshed

ok thanks!

for all Freenom users here with problems (if nothing helps)

add ns

there are some online suggestions about freenom and DNS problems
( if problem are confirmed with some tools!!! )

the first is to go into freenom settings
and return to their default NS and wait 24h
then put the custom NS back and wait at least 30min-24h

the other is to delete the domain from their system and then add it again
after that config. custom NS and then wait at least 30min-24h

IT WORKED!! Thank you so much for your help!

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weeeeee :slight_smile:


please mark it solved

how do I do that?


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