Website slow, inaccessible

Domain is Since signing up for the service recently, the site has been slow to load, and frequently does not load at all with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Is this normal for this service, or is something going on? Evaluating if I’m staying or going to another service, since in it’s current state, service is not fast and stable enough.

Same issues for me - - let me know if you find some good alternative …

I would be happy to check this issue, but that domain name is not currently hosted by us, and is not assigned to any hosting account. Could you please add the domain name to an account again so I can check it?

I’ve moved the domain to a faster and more stable hosting company.

I’ve moved to bluehost. $2.75/month, signed up for 3 years so cost $99, which is within my budget and gives my site all the speed, stability, and features. Highly recommend. Good luck!

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