Website shows godaddy page, but worked last night

This is a very new site - just set up last night.

My issue is that shortly after I changed the Name Servers on godaddy the site loaded up (with the infinityfree lander page. However, now it shows a GDD parked webpage.

Called GDD, and they told me it’s down to infinity. The VERY strange thing is that she said she can see the wordpress landing page. I had started the install, but then saw the GDD site when I refreshed. I wonder if she lied to me? I have tried different browsers, different PCs, and also incogento mode, yet is always shows their parked page.

There’s probably something very newby I’ve done or haven’t done. The annoying thing is I had a decent wordpress site a few years ago. Sadly before I had a stroke, so my memory is pretty mushy since then.

Thanks in anticipation

She is probably not lying. See below.


Thank you for replying so quickly!

How strange that I got the infinity landing page before. (and that she now sees something different to me…)

I’ll have to learn to be patient LOL

So if I installed wordpress will it actually be there, or will I need to install again once DNS updated?


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It will still be there, nothing on the webserver (here, with us) has changed unless you did so yourself.



I just glanced through that link, and it looks like it will be automatically updated. (Only a glance as I now can’t read very well)

Thanks again.

Patience is key

I just went onto the site via mobile phone internet and it shows the WP page.

I’ll close this now, but thanks again for looking into this for me.



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