Website shows ads even when connected to an account for a month

What I’m seeing is: Just advertisements and have seen this for a while now

I’m using this software: I am not using any software yet, I have had this problem since connecting the domain to infinityfree

What advertisements are you talking about?

Could you please refer to the following posts:

It just shows things similar to this

I have waited for around a month now, so I have given it plenty of time

That’s the bodis default page. There is ether a problem with your nameservers, or your dns records.

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I have now copied the nameservers directly from the admin panel (, and will update this thread in 48 hours if it works, thanks for the help!

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Your welcome. Enjoy hosting!

Nobody knows how does your site work actually. So what’s your site url plz?

It looks like these records are actually being served from our nameservers, which might mean your DNS records have gotten corrupted.

To fix this, you can simply remove the domain name from the Addon Domains and then add it again. That will clear your old DNS records and add fresh ones to our nameservers, which should fix your domain.


I have now tried that and everything works, thanks for the help!

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